Покана за учество во он-лајн анкета за улогата на организациите што делуваат како посредници во процесот на е-Вклучување.

На барање на Европската Комисија и Институтот за истражувања на идни технологии ја објавуваме поканата за учество во он-лајн анкета за улогата на организациите што делуваат како посредници во процесот на е-Вклучување.

Целта на ова истражување е подобро да се разбере улогата на овие институции, како и да се креираат соодветни инструменти за да се помогне презентацијата на нивните резултати и наоди, како и нивниот придонес во креирањето на европските политики за е-Вклученост.


Во продолжение следи интегралниот текст на поканата:


The European Commission JRC-IPTS is conducting jointly with DG-CONNECT the MIREIA* project which aims at better understanding the role of e-Inclusion intermediary actors and at creating adequate instruments to facilitate the demonstration of their outcomes and their contribution to the achievement of European e-Inclusion policy goals. 

Within the framework of this research, JRC-IPTS is conducting, with the help of Telecentre Europe, an Online Surveythat aims to provide a 'map' of e-Inclusion actors that operate in Europe. This will allow policy and sectoral actors to better understand the diverse types and roles of key eInclusion intermediary organizations and the socio-economic impact of their activities at European level. 


WHO are the e-Inclusion intermediary organisations? 

Those organisations whose activities include reducing gaps in ICT usage and promoting the use of ICT to overcome exclusion, and improve economic performance, employment opportunities, quality of life or social participation and cohesion.

WHY participating in the Survey? 

§          You will be part of a public database sponsored by the European Commission 

§          You will have the opportunity to be invited to European Commission consultations, and contribute / influence EU policies on digital inclusion and empowerment          

§          You will have access to an ample directory of organizations that share similar challenges and that might become your partners  

§          You will have the opportunity to demonstrate collectively the extension and diversity of the e-Inclusion sector, and also the impact that you have in your communities


HOW to participate?

§          Click here  http://www.telecentre-europe.org/?page_id=5644 and complete the short survey, available in 15 European languages, before 15th February!

§          Follow updates via the Telecentre Europe Newsletter http://www.telecentre-europe.org/

§          Contact info@telecentre-europe.org for any questions

Thank you!


(*) More information about the MIREIA project: http://is.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pages/EAP/eInclusion/MIREIA.html