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Jean Monnet's Actions are related to the support of world quality in European integration studies.

This action is centralized and led by the Executive Agency of the European Commission. The Call for Proposals and the Erasmus+ User Guide is published explaining in detail the application information for the Erasmus+ Programme. For more information on the application process, see the "How to apply" section.

Centralized Actions
Jean Monnet provides support and funding to academic institutions, and other associations, active in the field of European integration studies to promote the quality of European integration studies in higher education.

What is open?
• Jean Monnet Chairs
• Jean Monnet Academic Modules
• Jean Monnet Quality Centers
• Jean Monnet Networks
• Jean Monnet Support for Institutions and Associations
• Jean Monnet Projects
• Creating a Jean Monnet brand.

For more information, visit the European Commission's Erasmus+ website:

European Commission’s Erasmus+ website